Welcome to Politools – Home of smartvote

Politools develops and implements online projects in the field of civic education and e-democracy. Politools is a non-profit organization based in Bern, the capitol of Switzerland. We pride ourselves on consistent transparency and scientifically based methods.

  • smartvote – transparency in the run-up to elections: The largest and best-known Politools project in Switzerland is the online voting aid smartvote. With the help of a comprehensive questionnaire on current policy issues, voters can find out which candidates or parties share their positions. In recent years we have started to offer an international version of our tool (smartvote International) outside of Switzerland (e.g., in Australia and Luxemburg).
  • smartmonitor – transparency after elections: While smartvote strives to improve transparency in the run-up to elections, smartmonitor – the second major Politools project – aims to provide information on parliamentary events as part of systematic monitoring.

Politools is also involved in developing teaching resources for civic education and in research projects in the field of e-democracy and voting advice applications (projects & services). Overall, we aim to provide interested citizens and students with scientifically sound information about politics in a simple and understandable manner.

Here you can find out more about us.