Politools provides its projects, websites and services available to voters free of charge. As a small non-profit association, Politools only has very limited funds at its disposal. You can support Politools in a variety of ways:

  • Support Politools financially: Much of the work at Politools is done as unpaid volunteer work. In order to secure the projects in the long term, the proportion of unpaid work needs to be reduced. You can help us finance our work with a donation. Politools’ charitable activity has been tax-exempt since 2017. Therefore, donations are tax-deductible, provided they are expressly intended for Politools’ charitable commitment.
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  • Become a member of the Politools network: If you would like to make your know-how available for Politools projects and actively participate in their conception and implementation, you can become a member of the association.
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  • Become a member: Politools has been working with different partners for years. If you have an interesting idea for a new partnership, we always have an open ear for it.
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